Longshore: Mistakes are no longer acceptable 

Dukes & Bell
Friday, April 12th
Atlanta United analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team returning to action on Saturday against the New England Revolution and what is an important three game stretch coming up for the team.

Longshore talked about the matchup with the Revolution.

 “This is an interesting opponent.” Longshore said “They like to press and play an interesting style, they are disorganized, which you can get in behind because they’re throwing so many bodies forward.”

Jason said that Ezekiel Barco could be key in the match.

 “You have to get in behind the backline.” Longshore said “You can have possession but if you don’t create chances it’s meaningless, the last few games they’ve been creating more chances. I think this is the type of match that Ezekiel Barco could be very important, he will be able to see if it’s time to hit the gas or they’re in position and it’s time to slow it down and possess the ball.”

Longshore said that mistakes are no longer acceptable.

“It’s more on individual mistakes.” Longshore said “I don’t think the defense has been that bad, look at the Columbus goal that was an individual mistake, and those mistakes are not acceptable anymore.”