Longshore: Sunday was a step back

Dukes & Bell
Monday, March 11th
Atlanta United Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to discuss the team’s struggles to start the season as they’re coming off a loss to Monterrey followed by a draw in their home opener to expansion tame FC Cincinnati.

Longshore talked about the team’s performance yesterday.

 “Sloppy, 100 percent.” Longshore said “I think that’s from tired legs, I really do, I think this team is in it’s own head a little bit. Sometimes to open things up you have to play a long ball and right now it feels like it’s trying to play too safe.”

When asked how you recapture the magic that Almiron brought to the pitch.

 “Not sure what the option is there, Miguel Almiron is a special player and what they had in 2017  was speed, you could play over the top and let them play.” Longshore said “You don’t have that right now, that’s not Pity Martinez or Barco’s game they want to control the ball, and that’s not what we associate with Atlanta United.”

Jason said that Sunday seemed to be a step back.

 “Right now it’s not working, yesterday was the worst match we’ve seen so far, it was a step back.” Longshore said “The 3-4-3 isn’t the issue, we get hung up on formations but that doesn’t define the tactics or the philosophy. When you’re not penetrating it doesn’t matter the formation if you’re not creating chances.”