Longshore: they didn’t have their best stuff, but they didn’t quit fighting

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, September 20th
Atlanta United Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes and Bell and talked about last night’s come from behind performance “The goal from Tito kept the game alive, I liked where we were at the end of the first half, but then it was 3-1 and  even though they didn’t have their best stuff, they didn’t stop, they didn’t quit fighting.”

 Longshore talked about Miguel Almiron’s performance in last night’s match “If you go back digging thru the numbers, Almiron led the team in tackles, the biggest element of Miguel Almiron where it comes down to guts, Almiron is going to fight for you to the end.”

 Jason discussed just how good this season has been for the Five Stripes “There are only nine teams who have had a better season than what Atlanta United has had, if they lose the next five games they would have the 10th best season in MLS history.”

When asked if VAR was used properly last night, Longshore told the guys “This was 100% accurate, this is where I’ve been frustrated with the national media’s coverage, there was no stoppage for the VAR to review the play, the next stoppage was when the ball went in the back of the net. It had to be reviewed, it was awkward but this is how VAR is setup to work, and the alternative is to blow the whistle every time they want to review something and the game would have no rhythm.”