Longshore: United are dominant on both sides of ball

Dukes & Bell
Monday, June 3rd
Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team's recent stretch, the break coming up and more.

Jason said the United’s hot streaking has been coming.

 “It’s been coming.” Longshore said “If you look over the last month the numbers are unbelievable for what this team has done. Since the bye week they are 8-3, and you’ve only allowed five goals over those games.”

When asked why the team waived first round pick Anderson Asiedu.

 “I think it comes down to the fact he’s caught in-between.” Longshore said “He spent four years in college, he’s getting pushed for playing time by Kevin Kratz who is coming back from injury, he’s also getting pushed by Will Vent who is an academy player that needs playing time and he’s been inconsistent. In Atlanta it doesn’t look like he will be back, the thing for him is he needs to be somewhere that he can play game in and game out and he’s not getting the consistent playing time here.”

Jason told the guys United are clocking on both sides right now.

 “Look at Josef and the starting positions he’s taken up.” Longshore said “Last year he was on the last defender always, now hes taken up starting positions often on the left side and makes a later run into the box. This team right now is clicking on both sides of the ball, you have eight clean sheets on pace for possibly an MLS record for clean sheets, you’re dominant on both sides of the ball right now.”