McFadden: C.J. Henderson could be the next Darius Slay

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
Friday, April 17th
Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael were joined by CBS Sports Analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers 2-time Super Bowl Champion defensive back Bryant McFadden who previewed next week’s NFL draft.  

“I like this group, especially when you include the safeties. You may see two go in the first round,” said McFadden when asked about the defensive back group as a whole.

McFadden then doubled down on the rumors that the Atlanta Falcons could trade up for University of Florida Cornerback C.J. Henderson.

“Darius Slay. A guy that is very instinctive, smooth corner,” McFadden replied when he was asked about who C.J. Henderson’s game compares too.

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