Murphy: Game 5 is huge opportunity for young Braves

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, October 9th
Braves Legend Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell.

Murph talked about this being a huge opportunity for the young players on the team.

 “I wouldn’t know personally about that.” Murphy said “You’re right, this club is going to be competitive for the next 10 years, but this is a huge situation, a huge opportunity for them, we all know it, it’s obvious and it’s a cool moment for the kids. This team was in the playoffs last year, they’re in the playoffs again this year, and it’s a time to give yourself some identity and then in the future you say, I’ve been in a game five, and you know what to do the next time.”

Dale told the guys he’s concerned about the middle of the lineup.

 “I’m concerned.” Murphy said “In baseball you need the whole lineup, to continue to march forward you’re going to need the whole lineup, I know Freddie is battling the bone spur, I don’t think Josh Donaldson is getting fastballs to hit in the zone, he’s a fastball hitter so hopefully he gets some hitters counts, I’d like to see him get something to hit.”