Nabulsi on Jim Chaney's departure: 'Somewhat expected and somewhat not'

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, January 9th
Radi Nabulsi of joined Dukes & Bell and talked about if Chaney leaving was an expected move “It was somewhat expected and somewhat not, he had signed a contract midseason which wasn’t announced and I’m not sure why. When we started getting word that Chaney’s best friend who is a major donor was doing everything he could to get him up there is now going to pay around half a million more for him.”

 Nabulsi talked about the relationship between Chaney and James Coley who is expected to be the new OC at UGA “I think there was a little friction there, if you’re going to call your offense you don’t need an up and comer nipping at your heels. Coley is a fantastic recruiter, which checks a major box for Kirby, but he’s an unknown as a play caller and Jake Fromm took steps forward with him as the Quarterbacks coach and there won’t be wholesale changes on the offensive side.”

Radi told the guys that criticism of Jim Chaney’s time at UGA is unfair “Throwing the losses on Jim Chaney is unfair, he doesn’t call the defenses and that’s where you’ve been let down when his side of the ball has built leads. No one wants to hear that the execution hasn’t been there but that’s the truth of it.”