Nowkhah on Hurts transfer: This isn't going to be easy for Jalen

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, January 16th
Dari Nowkhah of the SEC Network and talked about the news of Jalen Hurts transferring to Oklahoma “It is big news, I remember hearing two months ago there would be interest from OU, the Oklahoma fans are going to be thrilled but this isn’t going to be easy for him and I know Lincoln Riley hasn’t guaranteed him anything. If I know Lincoln Riley at all there will be a competition for the job, that would not have been the case at Miami or Maryland and he has a little bit of work to do.”

Nowkhah discussed the chances of Hurts being the starter at OU “He was not a great passer before, but we saw him replace Tua in the SEC Championship game and he made throws we hadn’t seen him make before, even if he’s better we still need to pump the brakes on the third straight Heisman trophy winner from Oklahoma Jalen has to show he’s a better passer than he was.”

 Dari talked about the transfer portal’s effect on players transferring “This isn’t a new thing, it’s just new that we know who is out there looking, it feels like free agency because we know the guys that are out there looking as soon as they make the decision based on just seeing that they have transferred and it makes it fun to follow.”

 When asked if Georgia was an elite program Nowkhah said “They’ve been so close the last few times they played them, they will not breakthrough as a truly elite team until they beat Alabama and win a championship, but they’re close.”