Paging Dr. Schiavone

PWW: Pro Wrestling Wednesday
Monday, March 2nd
On a very special episode of PWW, Tony Schiavone helps Beau work through the seven stages of grief over Bray Wyatt's loss to Goldberg. Not to mention Undertaker beating AJ Styles and the dismantling of Ricochet by Brock Lesnar. By once again leaning on part-timers or stars from the past to promote WrestleMania, has WWE lost its ability to make new stars? Or will Cena and Goldberg's returns mean better things on the horizon for both Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns? Then on a more positive note, AEW Revolution was fantastic, and sure Tony's biased, but he said Hangman & Omega vs. The Young Bucks was the best tag team match he's ever seen. Beau brought up his new personal lord and savior, Orange Cassidy and how surprised he was with his match with PAC. You can watch PWW at