PWW 048 What Happened When Beau went to WHW Live with Tony Schiavone & Conrad Thomspon

PWW: Pro Wrestling Wednesday
Wednesday, December 5th
Back for another facebook LIVE edition of PWW, Tony Schiavone and Beau Le Blanc broke down the world of Pro-Wrestling as only they can. Beau went to Tony's live show at the Laughing Skull last weekend and Tony discussed doing that and what him and Conrad have planned for the future. Tony was also educating us on the latest with MLW and asked whether it seemed like "independent" promotions were making a greater effort to lock down talent lately. Ronda Rousey is currently WWE Raw's biggest star as she's been getting a lot of airtime lately, so Tony and Beau debate what that means for the program over all. Sasha Banks and Bayley finally uttered the words, "Women's Tag Team Champions" on TV, which Beau has been suggesting for months. Who would make good teams? Seems like several are already established. Over on Smackdown Beau wondered why we so rarely see Shinsuke Nakamura and Tony wondered why we keep seeing Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton. Beau made a face turn of sorts by shaving his face, which Tony was NOT in favor of, but the heel turn by Daniel Bryan was welcomed by both men. Listen at your leisure and let us know what you think at @PWW929 on twitter and facebook.