Rapport on Jones holdout: 'This is about setting a precedent'

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, July 24th
NFL Network's Ian Rapport joined Dukes and Bell to talk about the Julio Jones holdout, "As far as I’m told he’s not going to report when the veterans do, and to go as long as he needs to proving the point he’s not happy, he wants to be paid like one of the best receivers in the league.”  Ian told the guys when he first found out that Julio would not report to camp on time, “I knew yesterday he wasn’t going to report, and I think the team found out this yesterday, he’s a really good businessman, he’s pretty savvy about this stuff and knows what he’s talking about.”    Will Julio hold out until he gets a new deal? Rapport said “I don’t know about a new deal, but it depends on how strong he’s willing to be on this, along with Matt Ryan he’s the face of this franchise but it’s economics because the receiver deals are past his now. It was a deal that made sense for both sides then, he’s played pretty well thru the balance of the contract and now he feels he’s owed more.”     When asked about Todd Gurley’s new deal and how it affects Aaron Donald getting a new deal Ian told the guys,  “This is a deal where the Rams so a player coming off near MVP season, the Rams saw they could get a deal done, it sets the market but they don’t have to pay him $15 million a year for a few years. I thought it was a very interesting and clever deal that sets the market, and Gurley is a RB that finally gets paid.” “I think he (Donald) is in a decent place as far as what the Rams think of him, but on the other hand he’s seen others get paid before him, but it’s a two way street they’ve tried to get a deal done.”