Ridley 'hungry' to improve on 10-TD rookie season

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, July 23rd
Atlanta Falcons receiver Calvin Ridley joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the start of training camp, his offseason and who did he workout with this offseason.

Ridley talked about being excited for the start of camp.

 “I’m very excited about our team.” Ridley said “Frustrating year last year, but we got some guys back, a new coordinator and now I’m just trying to get myself ready so we can be there at the end.”

Calvin told the guys he feels the offense is more organized this year.

“We are a lot more organized this year.” Ridley said “Repping, repping, repping plays and just feel like we’re going to be at our best.”

When asked about his offseason.

 “I kind of did a little bit of both.” Ridley said “I started out lifting and then said well let me get to running, so I came down here and starting running routes with some guys, Tyrod Taylor was throwing, I still lifted but ran more than I was before.”

Ridley told the guys he’s still hungry despite a good rookie season.

 “I’m definitely hungry.” Ridley said “I feel like I’m a good player, I feel like I should have had more touchdowns last year, so this year I just have to come with it and be consistent.”