RJ Bell: 'I don't think the illegal bookies go away'

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, May 15th
With Monday’s news from the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports gambling, joining the show is the founder/CEO of Pregame.com in Las Vegas, R.J. Bell.  When asked when the leagues and teams may get their piece of the pie, Bell asked the question back, “why should they?”  After mentioning some scenarios that could happen – “microaction,” he called it – using the convergence of the leagues and the networks, he mentioned New Jersey would be the first state to benefit from the decision, along with Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New York, West Virginia and Connecticut.”  

He doesn’t believe Utah will ever make a move to add sports gambling to the docket, but thinks those states who aren’t as interested in going full boar limiting what players could do. 

 Bell added that he doesn’t think it will totally eliminate illegal books, because they may be able to offer credit, unlike the sports books.  He’s picking Justify to win this week’s Preakness.