R&J: Trae Young Don't Listen To The Haters Just Play Basketball

Dukes & Bell
Friday, July 13th
Tim Hardaway Sr in studio. Rick joked with Tim that he has a lot of Skillz and he was the killer crossover king. Tim said Isiah Thomas was his idol and he used to watch him in Chicago and patterned his game after him. Tim explained how he came up with his crossover in Chicago and it was because of how tough the game was to play for him growing up with people telling him he was too short to play the game. Tim gave credit to his dad for encouraging him to play the game and telling him that players could play any position on the court. Rick rattled off Tim’s stats from playing in the NBA. Tim told us that he feels apart of the Warriors family and is happy for the city now that they have 3 championships. Tim is a little upset that the Warriors are leaving Oakland and going over to San Francisco. Tim referenced how it started with them and Don Nelson playing small ball. They called it control chaos and playing basketball with his teammates. Tim said basketball today is fun to watch when you see guys out there having fun and passing the rock, scoring buckets and getting the win. Tim said if TMC played now they would have won had Don Nelson not traded Mitch Richmond so early. Tim just finished working for Stan van Gundy for the last 4 years and is between jobs. Tim says he wants to get into broadcasting and working radio so he is brushing up on his skills and he has a lot to give. Tim talked about free agency in the NBA and how fans get upset that players are setting up loaded teams. Tim called that the economics of today’s NBA and credited Oscar Robertson. Tim cited that the Celtics did the same thing with the draft picks and getting Kyrie Irvin. Tim explained the Warriors getting Cousins and what that means for him coming off an injury and how he doesn’t see Boogie giving them too much this season. Tim told Rick he likes Trae Young and says the criticism is coming from the media because of the hype he was given coming out of college. Tim said Trae needs to concentrate on playing basketball and let the shots come to him instead of forcing three’s. Tim also suggested that Trae brush up on his defense and eluded to the fact that his body hasn’t matured yet for a 19 year old kid.

Rick and John continued their conversation with Tim Hardaway Sr. Rick referenced a story of Tim calling referee Dick Bovet-Nick Bovet. Tim said he got a $70K fine for that. Rick brought up another story where he, Tim and Patrick Ewing chopped up past glories and rivalries. Tim congratulated Patrick for getting the H/C job at Georgetown and how he wishes him the best. Tim talked about them talking smack to each other about their past match ups. Tim talked about the best fight during his time in Miami was PJ Brown and Charlie Ward, where PJ picked up Charlie and threw him. Rick asked who had the best handles of all time and Tim said Himself. Tim told us his favorite ankle breakings of all time were John Stockton and Joe Dumar’s. Tim explained how he learned how to dribble in Chicago that enhanced his dribbling skillz that got him to the NBA. Tim told us Allen Iverson’s crossover was a carry but he appreciated his game.

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