Robinson: We haven't hit our peak yet this season

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, July 11th
Atlanta United’s Miles Robinson joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the US Open Cup, the MLS schedule and more.

Miles talked about how they prepared for St. Louis.

 “We went over their previous games and see what they like to do.” Robinson said “We knew they were strong on set pieces so that’s what we had to focus on and luckily they didn’t score on any.”

Robinson told the guys what happened against Chicago last week.

 “When you look at the Chicago game it was a tough game.” Robinson said “We just came out flat, that’s on us, then when you go a man down the game is almost over at that point, but it’s just one of those games that you have to brush off.”

When asked about the team’s ups and downs so far this season.

 “It’s a long season, you never want to peak too early.” Robinson said “Come crunch time you could be done, I think every game we are learning more and more about the team we have, and I think we are just going to keep getting better.”