Ronald Acuna is a legitimate superstar

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, March 13th
After starting the spring off slow, Ronald Acuna has come to life at the plate in Spring Training as the Braves Phenom is red hot as he has reached base safely in his last 9 plate appearances while going 8 for 8.

Mike said that Acuna is a real power hitter.

“Acuna is one of those torrid stretches. He’s eight for his last eight, and he went three for three against Corbin who is real major league pitching.” Bell said “People always ask if he’s a power hitter, yes he’s a power hitter, he’s the real deal.”

Carl talked about Acuna being a legitimate superstar.

 “For all those people who thought he’s not as good as we thought he was, he’s the real picture!” Dukes said “I love what Acuna brings to our club, he’s a legitimate superstar, I love this, I love watching this guy.”