Roquan Smith:' The Bears Have A Rich Linebacker Tradition, And I'm Going To Give Them My All'

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, May 1st
  Joining the show to talk about joining the Bears is last week’s eighth-overall pick in the NFL Draft, UGA’s Roquan Smith.  “A lot of people dream about things like that, and to spend it with his family, I’m blessed,” he talked about spending the night with family in NYC.  “I was enjoying the moment, it was an awesome experience.”  Your thoughts on handling the criticism over your career? – “I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder.  It’s about proving people wrong and proving myself right, and I look forward to competing and doing things the right way.”  Your thoughts on Georgia’s program? – “What’s about to go on here…it’s about to be a dynasty.  It’s going to be special.  I’m glad that I went to the university and help lay the groundwork.”  Who influenced you the most over your career? – “My family.  Everything they’ve instilled in me, I won’t be able to repay.  All the sacrifices they made, it’s pretty special.”  What about your on-field influences? – “It wasn’t like I needed to be pushed real hard, I’ve taken advice from all my coaches and it’s pretty awesome to gain the experiences of all of them.”