Schlenk: No Comment on Schroeder, "Definitely Listening" to Trade Offers For Draft Pick

The Morning Show w/ John and Hugh
Wednesday, May 16th
Travis Schlenk joined John and Hugh from Chicago after the draft lottery last night where the Hawks got the third pick in the draft. “In this draft there are 8 guys we’ve focused on, and ending up at the third spot give us a lot of options, and now it’s time to dig in and find the player that fits us the best.”  Travis told the guys how they hone in on just one or two guys “There’s not a huge gap from a talent prospective from the eight guys we like, so we have to hone in on the person, what’s their personality, what kind of person are they.”    When asked about the comments made by the team’s current point guard Dennis Schroeder Travis said “I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to him yet, so I’d rather not comment on it yet, and I won’t say anything until I have the opportunity to speak with him.”