Schultz: Grady Jarrett isn't going anywhere

Dukes & Bell
Monday, February 11th
Jeff Schultz joined Dukes & Bell to talk with the guys about the Falcons moves over the last week, could the team franchise tag Grady Jarrett, and what does Brian Snitker listen to on the way to spring training.

Schultz talked to the guys about the money the team saved from cuts last week and where it will go.

“I think the number I wrote last week was $15 million they saved from the players they cut last week, I think they can restructure a few guys, and maybe release another player or so.” Said Schultz “I think they probably know the number Julio will take, and not sure they know what Grady’s price tag will be though.”

Jeff told the guys that Grady Jarrett isn’t going anywhere even if it means the team has to franchise tag him.

 “He’s not going anywhere, if I can guarantee one thing about the offseason it’s that Grady Jarrett isn’t going anywhere.” Schultz said “I think the team recognizes just how important he is not just on the field but off the field, it’s a unique situation where a later draft pick go from what he is making to being paid like one of the top defensive tackles in the league. It wouldn’t shock me if they franchise tag him, then sign him to a later deal post franchise tag deadline, because again he’s not going anywhere.”

When asked about the hiring of Bob Sutton as a Senior Assistant for the Falcons.

 “I don’t make much of it; he understood that one of his weaknesses was game management.” Said Schultz

“It is one of the things he said in his press conference after the season and you have to give him credit for that. But that’s not what is going to make this team good or bad next season; it’s going to be what Dan Quinn can do with the defense next year and what Dirk Koetter does with the offense.”

Schultz talked to the guys about his latest article on Braves Manager Brian Snitker.

 “The one thing I learned is that he listens to Jesus Christ superstar on the way to spring training.” Said Schultz “He said he doesn’t put it in until he crosses the line into Florida, and he told me his favorite song was King Herrod.”