Senat: 'I’ve been thru hell'

Dukes & Bell
Thursday, August 2nd
Falcons DT Deadrin Senat joined Dukes and Bell, Carl asked Deadrin about his relationship with Grady Jarrett “Grady’s like a big brother to me, he’s cool on and off the field, he teaches me everything, when we watch film I sit right next to him and learn things, he tells me everything he see’s and I’m soaking in all his knowledge.”  When asked if he is playing at the one or the three technique Senat said “I start off at the Nose technique, but we slide, if the tight end moves then we slide, we are interchangeable on the DL and hey I don’t care where I play.”  Deadrin also talked to the guys about his past and what he’s been thru “I felt like 'I’ve been thru hell', but I’m still standing and I feel like no matter what I go thru I’ll prevail.”