Sentell: UGA & Alabama in fight for #1 recruiting class 

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, December 12th
Jeff Sentell of Dawgnation joined Dukes & Bell, and told the guys if UGA could snag the number one recruiting spot “Yes, last year they set the modern standard for 5 stars ever signed in a recruiting class at 7, believe it or not they have a chance to sign that many and even get to 8 this year, they will be fighting with Alabama once again this year for that.”

 Jeff told the guys how UGA snagged big time OL recruit Clay Webb out of the state of Alabama “This was the first time Georgia went into the state of Alabama that both Bama and Auburn really wanted to get, this guy loses his cell phone and goes thru the remaining three months of his recruiting without replacing it. This is a guy who is very simple, he never took an official visit, he said why do I want to have someone pay for me to go visit, he did it on his own dime, he’s going to skip all the swag from the Under Armour game and get to UGA as quickly as possible to start practicing.”

When asked if Justin Fields would be leaving after the season Sentell said “That’s the offseason narrative, after the SEC Championship game the answer he gave is he wants to be on this team, he loves this team, he said Fromm taught him things he needed to know, if Fromm has another good season my opinion is he would move on to the NFL he would go to the NFL, If he opts out he’s going to sit anyways so why not wait one more year.”