Should Austin Riley be on postseason roster?

Dukes & Bell
Friday, September 13th
Our 929 the Game Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell and talked about Ronald Acuña Jr.’s chase for 40/40, which team do the Braves want to avoid in the playoffs, and should Austin Riley be on the postseason roster.

Patrick said he hopes Acuña lands in the 40/40 club at home.

“It really does.” Patrick said “What is really happening is this next week is shaping up to be really special week for Braves fan, the team can clinch this division on the next home stand and Acuña could reach the 40/40 club. He has almost close to thirty steals since the all-star break, he’s really going for it and I just hope he can do it in front of the home fans.”

Joe told the guys the one team he doesn’t want the Braves to face in the postseason.

 “I think the one you want to avoid is the Nationals because of the starting pitching they have.” Patrick said “That’s a really physical three man rotation to face in the playoffs, that brings into question how do they want to position themselves, do they want to try to catch the Dodgers for home field throughout the playoffs or should they be fine with second place in the league and playing the Cardinals in the NLDS.”

Should Austin Riley be on the postseason roster?

 “To me I would not care Austin Riley on the postseason roster.” Patrick said “He just can’t hit right now, just way too many strikeouts and he’s too much of a liability at the plate, and that leads me to Nick Markakis, I’m not sure he’s that much better of an option than Matt Joyce right now the splits aren’t that much different.”