Should the Braves retaliate against the Marlins?

Dukes & Bell
Wednesday, August 21st
Atlanta Braves legend Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the Marlins hitting Ronald Acuna Jr. yet again, and is it worth retaliating?

Murph said he doesn’t think it’s coming from Mattingly.

 “Weren’t things even, after we threw Urena?” Murphy said “If Don Mattingly is old school there is no reason to keep this going, it’s like the good and evil in Star Wars, the problem is when things get out of whack there is a war. Honestly I don’t think it’s coming from Mattingly, I don’t like warnings because now things are out of whack, I don’t know when things will even up again.”

When asked if it’s worth potentially losing a player if they retaliate.

“It’s always worth it.” Murphy said “Here’s the point it’s always worth having the respect and understanding of the other team, and the culture of your team, it’s like the Acuna benching. Snitker can’t jeopardize the culture of your team for one game, the culture of your team always supersedes one player. Some people were saying we don’t want to bench him during the Dodgers game, well then you don’t have culture, it’s the same thing if you have to hit somebody you have to hit somebody.”