Stu Jackson Talks CBB & Oklahoma in the Tourney

Middays With Rick & John
Tuesday, March 13th
Stu Jackson serves as the Associate Commissioner for the Big East joined Rick and John to talk hoops. Stu talked about the success of the Big East tournament. Stu talked about how the Big East stayed the Big East, the schools they recruited to join them and then their partnership with Fox sports. Stu described how being o Fox Sports 1 really helped recruiting for the whole conference and the unintended benefit. Stu mentioned it will take George Town some time to rebuild their brand to the level it once was.

He also praised Patrick Ewing for being able to coach the game of basketball and how he was able to have his team competitive in every game this season. Stu gave us some names that he thinks can move from college to the NBA and make an immediate impact, specifically at the top of the draft. Stu completely deflected Rick’s question as to whether or not Oklahoma should be in the NCAA Tourney.