TMS: Joel Corry: Could see $100 million in overall guarantees for Matt Ryan

The Morning Show w/ John and Hugh
Wednesday, March 14th
Capologist and former sports agent Joel Corry joined John and Hugh to talk about the big quarterback contracts signed on Tuesday and what that means for the Falcons and Matt Ryan. When asked if Kirk Cousin’s fully guaranteed with the Minnesota Vikings could beome the norm, Corry doesn’t think so. “What I think it will do is increase the percentage of guaranteed money in a deal, and you’re also going to see guys go for a shorter deal.” He said a guy that could probably push for a fully guaranteed contract would be Aaron Rodgers, and says Matt Ryan’s agent Tom Condon took note of Cousin’s deal as well. “You could potentially, depending on the length of the deal, look at $100 million in overall guarantees” for Ryan. Hugh asks about Drew Brees reportedly taking $10 million less to remain with the Saints. Why would any quarterback to $10 million less than his market value? Joel brings up Tom Brady taking less but winning Championships by doing soon. “Brees kind of undercut his leverage right after they were eliminated from the playoffs by saying ‘I don’t want to go anywhere.’ Agents hate that.” If Brees wanted to get the best deal, he should’ve been willing to test the open market. “I have no doubt that if he was open to leaving, the Jets would’ve opened up the vault, backed up a Brinks truck and give him whatever he wanted.” According to Joel, if Brees would’ve done that, the Saints wouldn’t have let him walk, at least on a short-term basis. ​