Trae Young Offensive Prowess May Not Be Enough

Jon Chuckery
Saturday, February 1st
Brian Scalabrine, Basketball Insider, joined Jon Chuckery to talk about the Atlanta Hawks and namely our all-star, Trae Young. Brian thinks that Trae Young is one of the most prolific scorers we have seen in a long time, it still might not be enough. While Jon thinks that Trae Young's ability to score and pass the ball would attract other free agents, Brian is not as convinced. 


Brian does not think "guys are really running to go fill Atlanta's free-agent needs this summer." Everybody recognize that Trae Young is a dynamic player but is it good enough to win. He thinks that it would be tough to build a team around Trae Young. Scalabrine says Trae Young has the scoring ability of Steph Curry and the passing ability of Steve Nash. With that being said the questions are out if Trae Young could defend his position. Brian even compares Trae Young to Allen Iverson. 


Brian thinks that the Hawks need to get two free agents. He first thinks that the young guys like Heurter, Collins, and Hunter need to play better. He says this summer, the Hawks may need to overpay a free agent, in the likes of J.J. Reddick. According to Brian, America needs to fall back in love with Atlanta as they did at the end of last season. The Hawks have lost some of that love. They need to get it back.