Tribble & BMac- Hour 1: Sunday, 3/24/2019 .mp3

Robb Tribble
Sunday, March 24th
Guys start off with GA State basketball coach going to Tulane. Tribble thinks he should have waited for other jobs to open up. BMac agrees- maybe not Bama type job but others that would be more ideal.

Maybe Hunter likes building something from nothing. He has 2-3yrs at Tulane. Tribble said he paid attention to GA ball because of him.

What coaches do they need to go after? BMac thinks former Arkansas HC, Mark Pope – Former UGA Asst.,

Tribble says a potention D2 school coach- Booby Champagne

Do you think we need a young coach?

Coach needs to be excitement, enthusiasm, & love basketball.

Tribble reads comments from twitter – people don’t agree v. people that agree. Tribble thinks this is an attack on masculinity- toxic masculinity from the Gillette commercial. Coaches will yell at you if you don’t hustle.

BMac gives his take on why he has no issue with Izzo- “you can’t coach soft an expect your players to play hard.” BMac talks about Coach Andrews when he played and how it effected his professional life

Cam Newton goes a month with no sex to be a good QB