Tribble & BMac-:Hour 2: Sunday, 3/24/2019.mp3

Robb Tribble
Sunday, March 24th
 Deshaun Tate from 'Tates Takes' joins Tribble & BMac

Tate is surprised people are upset about Izzo'z reaction. He’s seen it several times.

Tate thinks the personality needed for GA State is relatable. Coaches need players now for job security.

Tate gives his favorite match ups for the 2nd round NCAA Tournament .

Tribble thinks GA needs to get a sleavy coach. Lightener is Tribbles best college player- he is not believe Duke will make it.

BMac thinks nobody can stop Zion

Talent alone will not beat Michigan State

Wofford is interesting because majority of their school is athletes

Guys talk about college recruiting. Conspiracy when ‘Ol Miss landed top recruits.

Talk callers thoughts on college ball.

Guys talk about coach replacements in open college spots.