Tribble Hour 1; Sunday, 6/16/2019

Robb Tribble
Sunday, June 16th
Happy Father’s Day and memories of your dad. Callers share their dad stories. Tribble shares his with his dad and daughter.
Update on current score and happenings for the Braves. Tribble talks about what Folty has done to help the Braves. What can the Braves do going forward.
Lakers missed play offs for 6yrs but it may change this year. Some people think Anthony Davis is a Diva and Dewight Howard 2.0. How smoothly will Lebron and Davis get along.
What will the Southern conference be like? What will happen now in the NBA? KD staying in NY with Kyrie Irving.
Update on Braves, Folty is smiling. Tribble wants him to  pitch a complete game