Trufant back to executing ‘difference-making type plays’

Dukes & Bell
Friday, August 16th
Atlanta Falcons Analyst Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell to talk about last night’s performance by the offensive line, and Desmond Trufant’s preseason thus far.

When asked about the troubles of the offensive line last night.

 “I’m sure there’s an overreaction, that’s usually the case.” Archer said “There were some concerns, is the guy being beat by something you can scheme and fix, because they did come with five and six man pressures where they didn’t sort it out. The other is the player being beat physically, and that was the case a few times last night with Ty Sambrailo as he got pushed backwards, Jamon Brown got pushed back a few times last night and I thought he got his pad level too high and he can fix that with technique easily.”

Archer talked about Trufant’s performance last night.

 “I think that he’s a guy who is relaxed, I don’t think he’s uptight.” Archer said “I thought he played uptight last year, he made two plays last night that were difference making type plays, plays that he went back into his veteran memory bank and knew what he had to do. I think he’s playing with a lot of confidence, and I think he’s really relished his role to be the veteran in the room, he’s in the room with a lot of young guys and I think he’s better for it.”