The USWNT still the team to beat in World Cup?

Dukes & Bell
Monday, June 24th
Atlanta United Radio Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the US Womens win today, plus what to expect Wednesday from the United.

Jason said that Spain is a better team then many gave them credit for.

 “Spain is really good first off.” Longshore said “This Spanish team is very very strong, the US has to produce more from the run of play, the US did enough to get through and I think this is a wake up call.”

When asked if the US is the best team in the World Cup.

 “I don’t think it’s an easy thing to say.” Longshore said “This time around France is right there with them, Germany is right there with them, England is right there with them, this is the most wide open the Women’s World Cup has ever been.”

 “We find out today that Barco will not be apart of the match Wednesday. Due to some kicks to his knee, you see Atlanta United players complain a

Longshore told the guys who will have to step up in Barco’s absence on Wednesday.

 “With Barco’s absence a lot of pressure falls on Pity and Julian Gressel.” Longshore said “Pressure also falls on Brandon Vazquez who will start up top in this games, Toronto is missing a lot of players to the Gold Cup, when they played Dallas over the weekend they lost 5 nil.”