Was the break good for Atlanta United?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, September 10th
Atlanta United President Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s recent break, the match against Columbus and more.

Darren talked about the time off the team has had.

 “It’s been good, especially for the guys.” Eales said “It was a busy month of August, we got two trophies but you could tell they were ready for a break and can’t wait to get back and play Columbus.”

Eales previewed the game with Columbus.

 "We have to be careful, we can’t take anyone for granted.” Eales said “We have to get off to a good start, get the crowd behind us early, and get a good result.”

When asked about a possible transfer involving Barco.

“Yea, absolutely.” Eales said “You can never say never with any transfer in soccer, but it would have to be big, he’s a youngster that has produced good for us and it’s not a situation where we are trying to move the player.”