What do the Braves do moving forward? - Robb Tribble

Robb Tribble
Saturday, July 13th
After watching the Braves beat the Padres last night 5-3, Robb wanted to know what the Braves should do next. He has questions, like many do, about Luke Jackson. Can he trust Luke Jackson to be his closer and the answer is no. Luke Jackson, like his game saving win last night, makes it exciting when he closes a game. He may give up a run, he may have a runner or two on base, but he comes up with a win every so often. But often times, too many times, he does not come up with the win, which is why Tribble cannot trust Jackson. 

Luke Jackson's biggest work load prior to now is 50-innings pitched. He will surpass that by the end of the month. So Robb thinks it is time to get somebody more experienced as the closer for the Braves. Tribble actually thinks that the Braves should look at Padres' Kirby Yates. He has been one of the best closers in baseball in the past two years at age 32. He also thinks that Will Smith of the Giants would be a great fit. The Giants want a lot for Will Smith but what the Braves have to make this good are prospects. A caller calls in and agrees with Robb. He takes it a step further. He thinks, along with Robb that the Braves has a World Series offense.