What is the most important thing for 2020 Falcons?

Dukes & Bell
Tuesday, January 7th
What is the most important thing for the Falcons in 2020, is it coaching or the roster changes that could happen?

Carl talked about the most important thing for him is coaching in 2020.

“This roster is not going to change a whole lot, if he thought he had enough to win this season and we know what happened so what is more important, is it the coaching or the roster?” Dukes said “This is why I think this is the most important thing the Falcons have to figure out, because if it’s coaching then this is the self-reflection, the self-evaluation stuff we’ve been talking about, the changes that have already taken place and then improvement in that area. How do these guys become better teachers, so if you feel like me that they do have enough to win it comes down to coaching.”

Mike said to him it falls on the personnel department, because it’s about the personnel.

“To me it’s about finding a way to protect Matt Ryan and run the ball.” Bell said “To me you have to find a way to get some continuity up front, so for me it’s more about the personnel department.”