Who do you trust on the d-line.mp3

Tribble & LeBel
Sunday, June 9th
The Falcons have done an overhaul of their offensive line. They did not do the same for the D-Line. We know what we have out of Grady Jarrett, but what about the rest of the defensive line. Robb and Harper asked the question, who else do you trust on the defensive line?

Harper feels like Ra"Shede Hageman back into the fold will help out. Of all players, he has the most to prove. He may have squandered his last chance by not playing hard and off the filed issues. Harper, and Robb for that matter think that he is the most motivated on the defensive line to show and prove. Jack Crawford has been steady fro the Falcons. Is he great, no. But Robb and Harper believe he can be good enough to take the Falcons back to the Super Bowl, if he is healthy. They bring up Adrian Clayborn being back with the Falcons, but outside of his big Dallas game two seasons ago, he has not been stellar.