Who has been Seth Greenberg's most impressive tournament team?

Dukes & Bell
Monday, March 25th
Former Virginia Tech Coach and current ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, who he thinks has played the best so far, and why guard play is so important in the tournament.

Coach told the guys that this won’t be Duke’s only close game in this tournament.

 “It was a heck of a game, I felt for the UCF kids because they played so well.” Greenberg said “It’s not like everyone is going to use that game plan, team’s aren’t going to change what they do, the deeper you go into the tournament the better the games are going to be.”

When asked who has surprised him the most so far.

 “Oregon is playing at a high level winning 10 in a row.” Greenberg said “I would say them to an extent, Texas Tech has been very good, and Florida State has been the most impressive team in the tournament to me, they seem as focused as any team in the tournament.”

Seth previewed the FSU-Gonzaga game in the sweet 16 game.

 “I picked Gonzaga to win that game, last year obviously FSU won the game, but Gonzaga has Brandon Clark this year and he is very good. It will all come down to the point guard play for Gonzaga if they play well I like them, but if the point guards don’t play well I could very well see FSU winning the game.”

Coach talked about why guard play is so important this time of the year.

 “The game starts with the guards, if you can contain the other teams guards and your guards can get into the lane it’s huge.” Greenberg said “Your guard play makes the game easier for your front court, and makes it simpler to beat the good teams.”