Will Chris Paul actually play for the Thunder?

Dukes & Bell
Friday, July 12th
Steve Koonin joined Dukes & Bell for his weekly visit and talked about the latest news in the league, what happened at the owners meetings and more.

Koonin said he’s not sure if Chris Paul will play for Oklahoma City.

 “It’s been crazy.” Koonin said “It’s been a little too tilted to the west I think, I don’t think it’s done, I think Chris won’t stay in Oklahoma City.”

Steve told the guys building strong duos and trios is how you win in the league now.

 “I think it’s duos by default, there were some attempts to create trios it just didn’t work.” Koonin said “Getting trios is what’s best for your team you either get them thru free agency or via the draft and there’s no secret which way we are trying to do it.”

When asked about his time in Vegas at the owners meetings.

 “I think we’re all stunned by the rate of change in the world we live in.” Koonin said “Twitter has become an essential tool, the year before last we were able to see who was being drafted thru twitter. We are twelve months a year, and it’s up to us to make the Hawks relevant twelve months a year, because that’s what the league is now.”