Willie Mays 2.0 and the rest of the Atlanta Braves all-star

Robb Tribble
Saturday, May 25th
Robb asked which Brave if any are all-stars? Freddie Freeman is an all-star to him. That is not a question. He mentions John Smoltz's comments about Freddie Freeman being in the same conversation of Mike Trout.

The stand-out to him, like many other people, is Ronald Acuna Jr. Tribble says barring no injuries, we may be looking at Willie Mays 2.0.At 21 years of age, he would not be the youngest all-star but high on

the list. 

He runs down the list of other possible all-star potentials and the list kept getting longer. What about Mike Soroka and Max Freed? They are looking like all-stars. The guy that has now settled into his

role and could be an all-star is Dansby Swanson. With the slow start with the Braves, the Braves mistake of making him the face of the team, and injuries, people wrote Swanson off. Now, he looks like a bordeline golden gloves short stop.