Crenshaw & Clarkson

Sam Crenshaw is a veteran Sports Reporter and television Sports Anchor. The
Weekend Morning Host here on SportsRadio 92-9 the Game, Sam is also a
correspondent for Atlanta City TV and Spokesperson for the Sports Image
Georgia Sports Marketing Group. He is also the play-by-play voice for Georgia
State Basketball on ESPN3. Greg Clarkson is a weekend host at 92-9 The Game
and spends countless hours working with casting agents to help people get
cast as extras on TV and in film. You can read his weekly Casting Call on the
92-9 The Game website.
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Atlanta United Kicking the Rust Off

Sunday, July 12th
Saturday evening, July 11, 2020, Atlanta United played and lost against, as Sam puts it, their arch-nemesis the New York Red Bulls 1-0. This was the first live...

7-12-20 Sam & Greg Hour 4

Sunday, July 12th
Sam & Greg talk about College Football and if they will indeed start on time. Mike Conti joined Sam & Greg to talk about Atlanta United's lost against...

7-12-20 Sam & Greg Hour 3

Sunday, July 12th
Sam & Greg talk about the Braves players that have decided to opt out of playing this season as well as MLB starting back and it not being a traditional...

7-12-20 Sam & Greg Hour 1

Sunday, July 12th
Sam & Greg talk about what is happening in and around sports in Atlanta. They talk about their week as well and run down the show. Sam & Greg talk...

7-12-20 Sam & Greg Hour 2

Sunday, July 12th
Sam & Greg talk about college football and Sam thinks that the Big 10 has unfairly influenced the rest of College Football. John Bednaroski of the Marietta...

7-5-20 Sam & Greg Hour 4

Sunday, July 5th
Sam and Greg talked about the Redskins changing their name and Cam Newton going to the Patriots. Joe Patrick, 92.9 The Game Insider joined Sam and Greg to talk...