Crenshaw & Clarkson

Sam Crenshaw is a veteran Sports Reporter and television Sports Anchor. The
Weekend Morning Host here on SportsRadio 92-9 the Game, Sam is also a
correspondent for Atlanta City TV and Spokesperson for the Sports Image
Georgia Sports Marketing Group. He is also the play-by-play voice for Georgia
State Basketball on ESPN3. Greg Clarkson is a weekend host at 92-9 The Game
and spends countless hours working with casting agents to help people get
cast as extras on TV and in film. You can read his weekly Casting Call on the
92-9 The Game website.

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Sam and Greg - Hour 4

Sunday, July 7th
Sam and Greg talk NBA summer league, interview Cory McCartney from Fox Sports South about the Braves, and give their final thoughts

Sam and Greg - Hour 3

Sunday, July 7th
Sam Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson hit the highlights from Saturday in sports, talk to Jewel Peterson, Coc Gauff's childhood coach, and discuss weather affecting...

Sam and Greg - Hour 2

Sunday, July 7th
Sam Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson talk about the Braves loss to the Marlins, Atlanta United, and teenagers that got it done on the big stage

Sam and Greg - Hour 1

Sunday, July 7th
Sam Crenshaw and Greg Clarkson discuss What Happended Last night, NBA summer league, and talk to Karen Pestiana from Tennis Panorama News on Wimbledon

Weekend Morning 7-6-19 Hr. 1 & 2

Saturday, July 6th
With Greg producing today, Sam spends the 1st hour on Kawhi Leonard & Paul George going to the Clippers and how that effects the NBA landscape. Sam talks...