The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
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Andy & Randy Hour 4 (9-20-19)

Friday, September 20th
Andy and Randy give us What's Trending. They also talk to Brian Baldinger, Sports Insider, joined to talk about the Falcons and the NFL. They also...

Andy & Ranyd Hour 3 (9-20-19)

Friday, September 20th
Andy and Randy give the Big Clip of the Day which was Dan Quinn talking about the turnover margin. During the Lunch Time Report with the Falcons, Andy and...

Andy & Randy Hour 1 (9-20-19)

Friday, September 20th
Andy and Randy are ion Athens at Grindhouse Burgers, broadcasting live because Notre Dame is coming to Athens. Andy and Randy talk about the big game at...

Andy & Randy Hour 2 (9-20-19)

Friday, September 20th
During the NFL No Huddle. Andy and Randy talk about the Falcons upcoming game with the Colts, whom they have only played three times. They also talk about...