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The Morning Show w/ John and Hugh

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The Morning Show Hour 4

Monday, June 17th
John and Hugh talked about what are the Hawks going to do in the upcoming NBA draft. Both of them think moves are going to happen on draft night. Joe Patrick,...

Joe Patrick with John and Hugh

Monday, June 17th
92.9 The Game Braves Reporter Joe Patrick speaks about what the Phillies series meant, when Dallas Keuchel will be ready to join the Braves, if Luke Jackson...

The Morning Show Hour 3

Monday, June 17th
On The Morning Show with John and Hugh, John gets a little in his feelings about the Braves bullpen and who will be their closer because it isn't Luke Jackson...

The Morning Show Hour 2

Monday, June 17th
The NBA has been turned on its head with the recent trade with the NO Pelicans and the LA Lakers sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers for half of their roster...

The Morning Show Hour 1

Monday, June 17th
To start off the Morning Show, John and Hugh hit the headlines. The biggest story is that the Braves win their series against the Phillies with yesterday's 15-...