Ready or Mott

"Ready or Mott" has been designed to give you a high-energy, fast-paced drive
around the world of sports. While the main focus is centered around what's
happening in Atlanta, host Thomas Mott's multiple-market experience delivers
a unique perspective on the sports stories you want to hear.

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Ready or Mott Hour 3

Sunday, May 19th
“NFL Quick Hits” Matt Ryans 34th BD was yesterday. Joe Flacco is the only other NFL QB at age 34. Chris Long Retires from the NFL. Kareem Hunt was baptized at...

Ready or Mott Hour 2

Sunday, May 19th
“What’s Happening.” Braves vs Brewers. Braves released Jonny Venters and brought back Jerry Blevins. United vs NY Redbulls. NBA Playoffs. Damian Lillard is...

Ready or Mott Hour 1

Sunday, May 19th
Thomas did a recap of the Atlanta United game.Thomas talked about the braves in the last two games. He highlighted how good they were hitting but struggled in...

Ready or Mott - Hour 3

Saturday, May 18th
Thomas Mot discusses recaps What's Happening in the world of sports, interview with Brad Rowland of Peachtree Hoops, and Charles Barkley donating money for a...

Ready or Mott - Hour 2

Saturday, May 18th
Thomas Mott quick hits around the NFL, says everyone was wrong about Liberty Media, and 5 things you need to know about Falcons 5th round pick Quadrae Ollison