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Will Palaszczuk Hour 2 (8-11-19)

Sunday, August 11th
Will talked about the Falcons and how the players returning from injury do not automatically put them back where fans think they should be. He does think that...

Will Palaszczuk Hour 3 (8-11-19)

Sunday, August 11th
Will talks about the Braves and the Falcons. He, like we all know that the Braves offense is the key. They need to get a handle on the pitching. Paul Crane...

Will Palaszczuk Hour 1 (8-11-19)

Sunday, August 11th
Will starts off by saying that he was right and that there was nothing on the market to make this bullpen of the Braves significantly better. He also spoke...

The Will Palaszczuk Show Hour 3 8-4-19

Sunday, August 4th
Will kicks off hour three by recapping the Braves game. Will then continues hour three by replaying Dukes and Bell's interview with former Falcon QB, and 92.9...