Amy Lawrence

Mon-Fri: 2-6AM

Amy Lawrence brings her passion and style to her late night weekday show. She will keep her night-owl listeners entertained as she discusses the day's hottest topics in sports.

On her blog, Lawrence spoke about the "creative opportunity" hosting late-night shows will provide:

"12 hours per week to tackle the biggest topics, welcome a variety of guests, and interact with sports fans from coast to coast! I’ve always loved working nights and weekends because mine is the job to share and analyze events and stories as they break. I enjoy the immediacy of the information, and I’ve spent years honing the ability to react in the moment. It’s one of my favorite things about radio: the adrenaline jolt that comes with being the voice that delivers breaking news and scores. There may be chaos all around me and a producer may be yelling in my ear; there may be new details bombarding me from all sides. But my job is to filter quickly and then communicate what I know accurately with a sense of urgency."

Monday - Friday 2am - 6am ET & Sunday 10pm - 2am ET