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Andy Bunker has worked in sports radio for over a decade after starting with 950 KJR in Seattle in 2004, with stops at WTBU/WBUR in Boston, KPOJ in Portland and KIRO in Seattle. He is now happily at 92-9 The Game in Atlanta since arriving in 2016.

To give you a better idea of who Andy is as a person, here are Five Top-5 lists of his favorite things...

Andy's Top-5 Favorite Things About Living in Atlanta

1. It's busy! There is something big happening constantly. Especially in sports and entertainment. 

2. The people. Folks love being from here, the civic pride is off the charts. 

3. The weather. It rains 10 months a year in Seattle. It doesn't in Atlanta. 

4. Sports fans. Folks love football so much here it's crazy. 

5. The breweries. There are SO many breweries! 

Andy's Top-5 Favorite Sporting Events Covered

1. Opening Day of baseball season. There's always hope, even if there shouldn't be. 

2. UGA's Pro-Day 2018. The amount of talent on the field, and NFL executives in the building was crazy.  

3. The US Open at Chambers Bay. Saw Jason Day pass out. Also saw Speith win. 

4. Super Bowl 49. Just the sheer size of radio row was insane. 

5. Boston Marathon. It's an all day outdoor kegger in the whole city. 

Andy's Top-5 Favorite Drinks (Currently, subject to change often)

1. Scofflaw Basement IPA

2. Blanton's Bourbon 

3. Cardinal Gin 

4. Manny's Pale Ale 

5. 5-Hour Energy (Pink Lemonade Flavor)

Andy's Top-5 Favorite Things To Do On A Day Off

1. Watch sports, live or on TV

2. Play golf 

3. Go on a hike (Blood Mountain, favorite GA hike)

4. Pub crawl...just find a neighborhood with a few bars and bar hop 

5. Sleep. Naps are vital. 

Andy's Top-5 miscellaneous facts...

1. Andy is in the process of growing his beard back.

2. Andy thinks of himself as an amateur woodworker.

3. Andy got married this summer.

4. Andy briefly worked at The River Club in Suwannee, GA. 

5. Andy finds it uncomfortable to write in the first person for website bios.

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